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Travel Tips to improve your Airport Experience

Sep 2019

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Take a photo of your car parking space

Airport parking can be a bit of a maze to navigate your way around and it can be even harder to relocate your car on your return!

When you arrive, ensure you take a photo that includes signage to identify your location as more often than not, after a week or two of relaxation or a long flight home, you won’t remember off the top of your head.

Go to the left at Security and avoid queues with small children

Most people are biased towards their dominant hand, so, because a majority of people are right-handed causes them to select the security lane on their right when faced with a choice. To save time, do the opposite and check out the lanes to your left. More often than not, they will tend to be less busy.

Also, where possible, avoid the queues with small children as they can take a little longer to get through security!

Pre-pack your carry-on toiletries in a zip-lock /see-through bag

Save yourself some time at the airport and have your carry-on toiletries and medication already pre-packed in a see -through bag ready for the security line and pack a spare for your return journey home. By doing this before you reach the airport on both sides you will avoid the crowds and avoid the unnecessary charges to purchase toiletries at the airport.

Have two copies of your boarding pass

Although we live in an age where you can check in using your smartphone and email, it is always wise to print a physical copy just in case your phone battery dies or worse, breaks or gets misplaced or stolen abroad.

 Also, if you are using your phone, rather than relying on an App which will almost certainly need a good WIFI connection at the airport, take a screenshot of your pass and save it to your images on your phone so it is ready and waiting for you when you need it.

Don’t queue to get on the plane

If you have pre-booked your flight seats there is no need to rush to get on the plane. Avoid the queues and sit back and relax for a few more moments until almost the last person is boarding and the others have already taken their seats. If you’re concerned about space for your carry-on, don’t be. If you do find there is limited space, speak to a member of the cabin crew whom will help move a few things around.

Clearly label your medication

When travelling with a pre-existing medical condition you will need to take your medication with you on your travels. Ensure you pack this in your hand luggage and that it is clearly identifiable to avoid any suspicion that could result in delays. It is also always a good idea to take a copy of your prescription with you in case authorities want to check or if you lose your medication!

Travel Insurance

And finally, don’t forget or overlook your travel insurance needs. Many travel insurers may not be able to offer extensive travel protection if you have a pre-existing medical condition if you don’t declare it.

If you don’t have cover for your pre-existing medical condition it could end up costing you a pretty penny should the unforeseen happen. But that’s where Able2Travel Travel Insurance can step in to help. In addition to providing cover for your pre-existing medical condition in the event of the unforeseen, it can also offer protection for Travel Delay, Personal Baggage and Missed Departure.

Able2Travel Travel Insurance can cover a huge range of medical condition and we understand that no matter what your age or medical condition, your passion for travel is still just as present today as it was 20 years ago.

It’s quick and easy to get an Able2Travel travel insurance quote: just click the ‘Get an instant Quote’ button to get a quote online, or if you prefer to speak with someone then click the ‘Please Call Me’ button to request a call back or you can call our team direct on 01892 839 501.

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